Step 3 Attract more visitors

How can you get more visitors ?

An important step is to redirect traffic from your PC website to your new mobile website if a visitor uses a mobile device. If a visitor uses a PC you want to show the  www  website and if they use a mobile phone you want to show the mobile  m  site. For the tablets use can choose to show the PC or the mobile website.

This Switcher Code setting can easily be made via the Redirection Code Generator which can be found in the configuration assistant.

Redirection Code Generator

The configuration assistant has a build-in Redirection Code Generator. By implementing this code into you PC website you can automatically redirect traffic and visitors to your mobile website. You can find the Redirection Code Generator under Tools.



Select the (developers) language of  your choice, select if you want to redirect tablets and click on the blue Generate button. Download the source file and just copy-paste the code in to your PC website HTML source code.  Normally you can place the code in the <head> </head> part of the HMTL source code. You may require the help of the site developer for this step.

For WordPress users we offer a Plug-In you can upload to your WP-admin area.

Why should i use the switcher code?

The Server-side switching code is a little piece of code you need to paste in to your PC websites source code.


It will recognize the device your customer is using and will serve the best layout and settings for the device. We advice you to add the code to all (major) pages of your website for the best user experience. It will also make sure you redirect traffic from the search engines to either the  www  or the  m  site.


The switching code uses the power of DeviceAtlas to determine what kind of bowser and what type of mobile device somebody is using. The switching service has a database with over 6000 different mobile phones, smart-phones and tablets of all the major brands.

Of course any provider, sitebuilder or webmaster can create a custom solution. The build-in Redirection Code Generator is just an easy way to create a switcher code in seconds.

Mobile website SEO

You want more visitors? Start by using all the build-in SEO functions and options. Place a QR-code on your business-cards. Create a special Google Adwords campaign for mobile users. Tweet about your site and post on Facebook.