Step 1 Create your mobile site

Create your mobile site in 15 minutes

Your mobile website comes with a complete on-line content management system: the so called configuration assistant. You can login to the configuration assistant 24 hours a day to create pages, add and edit all options of your mobile website.

Where can I login?

To build a mobile website simply direct your browser to the configuration assistant and login.
In the startup email you have received the following information:

  1. Mobile domain-name
  2. Password
  3. The login URL

The login page looks like the example below:


Fill out your mobile domain-name and password and click on login.

( Make sure you accept Session Cookies )

The configuration assistant

After you successfully logged on to the configuration assistant you can start designing your mobile website. Help is always a mouse-click away. You’ll find the mobile website user manual behind the “Help”  link in the top right corner, next to the language settings.


Did you choose a template design or created your own? Have you added all the functions you want to use? Time to make your mobile website visible and available on the internet. How this is done is explained in
Step 2: See your mobile website in action