DNS setup CNAME in DirectAdmin

directadmin-logoIn order to correctly route HTTP traffic to your mobile website the DNS settings for the mobile domain must be configured correctly. To do this, you need to add a DNS record in your DirectAdmin control menu for the mobile domain according to the example below.


Add the following to your DNS:

m.example.com CNAME lb.site.mobi

m.example.com redirects to your mobile website
www.example.com redirects to your normal PC website

It’s easy to mobilize your website. Simple follow these steps and you’ll be mobile in minutes!

Log in at your DirectAdmin menu and select the DNS Manager option:

Fill out the form to add the new CNAME record


In the first field add the letter  m  and in the second field  lb.site.mobi
Take a look at the example below.

Click on the left button “Add”.

Attention: some server managers will make you add a so called FQDN. This can be done by adding a dot after lb.site.mobi as shown in the example below.


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