DNS Setup a CNAME with Fasthost.co.uk

How to setup a mobile website when you host your domain with Fasthost.co.uk


Go to https://www.fasthosts.co.uk login an click on the following link: Control Panel Login

After you login select Domain – Manage Domains:



www.yourdomainname.co.uk is your PC website
m.yourdomainname.co.uk is your mobile website.

Select the domain you want to add the ” m ” to by clicking on the button DNS.


Now add the Host Name  m  that points to lb.site.mobi just like the example:


After you click on save the record will look like this:



You’re all set ! But remember to wait 24 hours. Fasthost only updates the DNS once a day:



Check if the DNS for your mobile site is correct

A frequently asked question is how to check the DNS settings.
This can be done with an ease online tool.

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