Check if the DNS for your mobile website is correct

As explained on the previous page is for your PC website and is for the mobile website. In order to correctly route HTTP traffic to your mobile domain, the DNS settings for the mobile domain must be configured correctly.

How can you check your DNS settings?

A frequently asked question is how to check the DNS settings. This can be done with an ease online tool:



Please allow some DNS changes to take up to 48 hours depending on the speed of your domain provider. Also remember to clear your browser cache (memory) so you are looking at fresh new settings. We hope you will find this test helpful.

Attract visitors to your new mobile website

In step 1 you have created your mobile website. In this step 2 you have made sure your mobile website is visible to the world. Now it is time to spread the word and attract visitors to your mobile site.

Step 3 Attract more visitors